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Ruger 1022 hicap magazine clip

Ruger 1022 high capacity magazines and banana clips

Reliable standard and hicap magazine

Ruger 10/22 factory BX-25x2 and aftermarket Butler Creek Hot Lips and Steel Lips hicap mags

MWG drum mags, 25 round Ruger high capacity magazines (BX-25 and BX-25x2) and Butler Creek 25 round Hot Lips magazines are some of the most reliable mags we've found for the Ruger 10/22. Also available are standard capacity, 10 round Steel Lips mags from Butler Creek. Factory Ruger magazines are 10 round or 25 round. Ruger's 10 round rotary magazines are available in either basic black, or clear (transparent/see-through plastic).

The Butler Creek, MWG and Ruger brand magazines for 1022 type rifles are caliber specific. Mags for the .22 long rifle caliber guns also fit the .17 Hornady Mach 2 (.17HM2) caliber guns. Our 10/22 mags are available in 10, 25, and 30 round capacity. Mags for .22 magnum will also work reliably with .17 HMR only for the first 9 or 10 rounds.

Ruger makes 10 and 25 round 1022 mags. Ruger's rotary (10 round) mags (BX-1) is unquestionably reliable. Their new, hicap (BX-25) is extremely well made. We haven't had any problems with them at all. There is also a BX-25x2, which is two of these mags - banana clips - fused together (one up, one down). Ruger factory magazines/clips have steel feed lips and steel contact points (where the mag is held in place in the 1022 rifle). Although we have seen a few defective Ruger brand mags over the years, it is a rare occurence. Ruger 1022 factory high capacity magazine clip

More than 99% of Butler Creek mags (Hot Lips and Steel Lips brands) function perfectly, right out of the package. Butler Creek quality control sometimes lapses resulting in an entire batch of B.C. mags being defective before even leaving the factory. Generally, if one in a batch is good, they are all good. However, if one in a batch is bad, it is likely the whole batch (meaning tens of thousands of mags sold on the market all at the same time) are bad.

MWG teardrop drum high capacity magazines have been some of the very best, most reliable hicap mags we've found. They have stainless steel feed lips and contact points, with a reliable belt design. The mag bodies are clear polycarbonate.

Watch out for local or State laws that limit magazine capacity. We have known State restrictions shown as a tag on each product, if there is a restriction at all.

We've got a great selection of gun accessories for tricking out your Ruger 1022. Check our main site for selection and to shop online.